“Proposal, The Sequel” by Patriarch Jim Burrows


I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. I get to put an exclamation point on my relationship with Karen and Reese’s provides endless opportunities to buy peanut butter hearts. This year as we approach our 25th Anniversary, it was time to put on my creative cap and think outside the box of candy. I’m not a rose guy but this year I bought one and set out to create a scavenger hunt for Karen which would culminate in her  finding me and the rose  along with another surprise at our very first place we lived and where I first proposed.

The mid morning sky was blue and Karen journeyed through the scavenger hunt like a pro with a few clues and stops along the road to find me. Once she did we reminisced about our first home and laughed at those responses from friends on Facebook who followed Karen along her search.  Once the moment was right I told her it made sense to be here. She had no idea I would propose again and give her a brand new diamond ring. A few hours later with a heavy snow falling we were safe and sound at home catching up on our four busy kids lives and looking ahead to our anniversary. It was one of those days that leaves an imprint on your life but more importantly for me once again she said “yes.” Now that’s a great day.


Jim and Karen

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