Picking A Color For The Nursery…Easier Said Than Done


A couple of months back, my wife Jenni gave me a “to do” list, as we prepare for the arrival of our son. Some guys see the ‘honey do’ list as a bad thing, but in this case, I’m actually excited to get these things done (while I still have my sanity). Top of the list: PAINT THE NURSERY. So I brought Jenni some paint samples (first mistake). You’ve seen these at the home improvement stores. Hundreds of different colors! Since we’re having a boy, we both thought a nice shade of blue would work. I looked at the paint samples, 8 different choices, and picked one. Kind of a gray-blue. But I knew by the time Jenni picked which color of blue she preferred, our son would be old enough to drive! She would hold the paint cards up under the kitchen light…or then the living room light…or just the daylight. She text a picture of the color samples and sent them to a jury of her girlfriends. Selecting a Supreme Court judge doesn’t take THIS long! We probably should have started this paint selection process before our son was conceived!

Finally, Jenni made her choice. So I gathered up the supplies and prepared for the task at hand.

room bare 1

The nursery was previously used as a guest room, so that meant moving some of the heaviest furniture ever built! I swear my wife’s bed was made of cement! I put down the drop cloths and taped up the trim. Ready to paint!

partial paint

I’m notorious for getting a little paint on the ceiling, the carpet, myself, the dog…basically everywhere. But I channeled my inner-dad and slowly and carefully applied the first coat. Surprisingly, the dog was spared…only got one drop on the carpet, and just two small blue smudges on the ceiling. I proudly called downstairs to Jenni, “ALL FINISHED!”. Now Jenni is very meticulous, so I felt like the nursery was being inspected by a quality control officer. She walked around, examining the walls, smiled and said, “Looks good”. I wasn’t buying it…there was a ‘but’ coming. Wait for it. Jenni smiled and said, “But you got some on the ceiling and the carpet”. Bring out the firing squad! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! I assured her I would take care of that. She then kissed me and started down the stairs. I then heard, “You’re giving the nursery a second coat of paint right?”. And the hits just keep on rolling.

nursery finished

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