National Love Your Pets Day – Teaching Safety To Our Kids


Today is National Love Your Pets Day! The Patriarchs certainly love our dogs and cats, and reflect back on moments when we’ve taught our kids about “Do’s and Don’t’s” when dealing with the family pet and even a stranger’s pet.


Going to the Dogs  by Jim Burrows

I’ve had a dog most of my life and the one thing I’ve learned is never make assumptions. With that in mind when teaching your kids about pet protocol it’s important to follow the owner’s lead. They’ll tell you about their pup and his or her behaviors. Use a friendly voice and don’t be aggressive in your approach. Once a dog senses you’re a friend they get comfortable quickly.



Dog Seniority  by Dan Pantos 

I had Dakota before I met Angie and wayyy before the kids!  So my dog has more seniority in the house than my wife or kids…lol!  So at first, I had to make sure that Dakota was cool with Angie as my dog didn’t like everyone that came over.  But, thankfully, for me she warmed up to Angie fairly quickly!  Fast forward a few years to Kaia, we were given the best advice from the nurses at St. Vincent’s Women’s Hospital.  I was to bring something that Kaia had worn over the past couple of days and take it home and let Dakota smell it.  It was the pink hat that Kaia wore while she was in the nursery.  It was told to us that this will help Dakota ‘understand’ that something/someone new is will be coming around.  I don’t know if there is any science at all behind this, but when we finally brought Kaia home, Dakota was as gentle as could be with her.  Kaia to Dakota?  Eh…not so much.  Kaia thought Dakota’s tail was a pull-string, but never did Dakota ever snap or nip or get aggressive to Kaia.  So a Daddy Tip to soon-to-be new father’s….once the baby is born, and before you bring mommy and  baby home, take something your newborn has worn and take it home to the family dog so that your pet can become familiar with the ‘smell.’  It does seem to make bringing home a new ‘pet’ to the family pet transition a lot smoother.

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So You Brought Us A Baby?!   by Greg Browning

As Jenni and I prepare to bring home our newborn son in a few weeks, we’ve been talking quite a bit about how our two dogs will take to our new addition. Oscar and Gunther are spoiled and get ALL of our attention right now, so we don’t want them to feel neglected when junior is the main focus. Jenni has done a great job in researching how to make this a smooth transition. One article she read suggested playing the sounds of a crying baby for about a minute and at different times in front of the dogs. Let them get use to this foreign and yes, irritating noise. We tend to forget that animals can also become panicked by loud noises. So we went onto YouTube and of course there are 10,000 videos of babies crying. The first couple of times we played one of the videos in front of Oscar and Gunther, they were curious. Weren’t use to the sound of a baby crying. Then Gunther, our older dog, seemed a bit more annoyed. Oscar appeared unaffected. We made sure not to over do it, so even 30 seconds seemed like an eternity. But think about it, when Baby Browning is here, he may wail for an hour. So introduce your pets to the sounds of a baby, long before the new addition to the litter arrives~

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Here’s The Cat Whisperer, a.k.a Nick Lopez, our amazing producer and engineer for The Patriarchs. He was capturing video at a recent trip to FACE animal clinic in Indy. This cat wanted to go home with Nick sooooo bad! Animals can read people, and we’re not surprised that this cat was so fond of Nick. Plus, I think he had a pack of tuna flavored gum in his pocket…

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