Traveling Down A Familiar Path by Jim Burrows

jim rose

There is a unique bond between father & son that travels many roads. When you’re children are older those paths are divergent but from birth you’ve laid the groundwork for the times they unite once again. For so many the unifier is sports. The love of a particular team, player or sharing in a game that becomes a classic also become part of us. So when you have a chance to meet the greatest hitter in baseball history you don’t let it pass by.

That’s where Blake and I found ourselves last Friday as Pete Rose signed autographs at Collectors Den in Castleton Square. We were traveling down the same path to say hello to the man called “Charlie Hustle” because he played baseball on a higher level and set records that may never be beaten. We were there for an autograph but we were also reminded about how great it is to share in yet another moment that once again becomes part of us. For me it was priceless to see my 23 year old grin like he was 5 again.

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