SHOW #41: Don’t Drink, Use Drugs, Or Post Something Stupid On Social Media

Back in the day, our parents told us, “Don’t use drugs or drink”. Well in this digital age mixed with the ‘wild wild west’ of social media, parents need to include, “…and DO NOT post anything stupid on social media that will haunt you for the rest of your life!”. University of Alabama student Harley Barber has been expelled from school and kicked out of her sorority for a racist video rant she posted online this week. Click here to read more: ALABAMA STUDENT’S RACIST RANT

This is a painful reminders not just for young people, but for PARENTS to constantly remind their children about taking responsibility for their actions on social media. And in Noblesville, Indiana, a high school student is “ashamed” after a video of him chanting racial slurs holding a Nazi flag goes viral. Here’s the story: INDIANA STUDENT WITH REGRETS


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    How about parents reminding their children that they need to respect amd embrace each others cultural differences. Parents are scared of their children and allow them to run amok without consequences. It is time NOW, TODAY, for the good people to stand up against ANY kind of racism!

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