Greg Browning

Becoming a father is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced!…well, except for getting the notification from Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes that I, ‘may already be a winner’! This journey with my beautiful wife Jenni has had more ups than downs, and has been made A LOT easier thanks to my fellow Patriarchs, Jim, Dan and Adam. Their mentoring has given me great insight as to what Jenni and I can expect as first time parents. Plus, they’ve included me in their ‘pack’ and given me sanctuary to vent and seek shelter when I screw up at home!

I’ve been a radio broadcaster for 25 years, and currently host the Morning Show on 104-5 WJJK radio in Indianapolis (, and host two Classic Hits Morning Shows for Westwood One radio, heard across the country. That means I generally get up every morning at 2:30when NORMAL people are still ASLEEP! I’ve had the pleasure of working for other great stations including 700 WLW, WZPL, WIBC and WXNT. I’m also a Voice Over artist, which means I stand in a small padded room and talk in different voices and get paid. Similar to a scene from ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. I’m a momma’s boy and have had Sunday dinner with my folks for the last 42 years. I enjoy spending time with my family and walking my two neurotic dogs Oscar and Gunther. Most of all, I’m looking forward to introducing my son to so many wonderful things in this world, and shield him from some of the craziness, without losing whats left of my mind~


Jim Burrows

Jim Burrows is a father of 4 and husband of 25 years to his wife Karen.  He is a 30 plus years  broadcast and stand up comedy veteran. His radio background includes shows on WIBC, WXNT and WGRL in Indianapolis along with KFBK in Sacramento.  Jim’s comedy background has taken him to 35 states with over 3,000 performances and appearances on Fox and ABC. He recently launched a comedy writing service called silent sidekick. Currently on Twitter @silentsidekick and coming soon with


Adam Ritz

Adam Ritz has 2 little girls.  They’re somehow not so little anymore!  Being the Father of 2 teenage young women has been quite a journey, and Adam is proud to bring 17 years of Fatherhood experience and 23 years of Broadcast Media experience to The Patriarchs.  Currently Adam hosts two syndicated radio shows, and is a Life Skills/Social Media consultant with fraternity men, college athletes and professional athletes.  More information at


Dan Pantos

Dan Pantos

I’ve been a proud dad for 7 years to my wonderful daughter – Kaia and for 1-1/2 years to my son – Nikolas.  Both of them born at a very young age!  Of course, neither one of them would be possible if it weren’t for my incredible wife of 10 years – Angie!  I considered myself a jack of all trades – a master of none!  I’ve been involved with radio, in one form or another, since 1988 (99-1/2 WZPL, 97.1 HANK – FM; 100.7 MIX-FM just to name a few) and somewhere along the journey I’ve met, gotten to know, the other Patriarchs – Greg, Adam, and Jim!  When I’m not working in the world of medical sales and the kids aren’t painting the walls of the house, I enjoy fishing, reading non-fiction books, working on things around the house.  I am thankful that there are no size requirements for being a dad!  As you may already know, I’m the shortest of the Patriarchs…hell I’m probably the shortest of most 2nd grade classes, but at the moment I’m still taller than my kids!!!