SHOW #19: LIVE At The Indiana State Fair PART II

As we say goodbye to another great summer at the Indiana State Fair, we have our second part of a broadcast at the Dairy Bar, with guest Patriarch, Paul Poteet. In this episode we learn how Paul disciplined his two sons, the best part about being a grandparent, and Jim […] Read more

SHOW #18: Live From The Indiana State Fair

The Patriarchs took the show on the road and set up at the Dairy Bar at the Indiana State Fair. “Indiana’s Weatherman” Paul Poteet was our guest. Big thanks to Deb Osza, Michelle Plummer and the American Dairy Association Indiana for hosting us! This year’s signature milkshake is Peanut Butter […] Read more

SHOW #16: Sons Sharing A Beer With Dad…Rite Of Passage Or Bad Example?

Think back to National Lampoons Family Vacation…Clark Griswold and son Rusty share a beer together (well, Rusty drinks 95% of it). Ahh, what a great rite of passage. Recently that happened at a family function, where a young nephew asked if he could have a sip of his dad’s beer. […] Read more

SHOW #11 “Pack Your Bags!…Ready For The Hospital!”

Patriarch host Greg Browning’s wife Jenni is technically due April 17th…but he reeeeally believes the delivery will take place ANY DAY now! Jenni’s experiencing cramping more than ever, which lead Greg to think Baby Browning is just trying to get into position to join us on planet Earth! In this […] Read more

SHOW #9 “When Do You Let Your Kids Spread Their Wings?”

In this week’s episode, The Patriarchs explore the idea of when to let your kids make their own decisions, good and bad. Patriarch Jim Burrows talks about how he reacted when his college age child shared what she did on Spring Break. Plus, which famous musician has announced he will […] Read more

National Love Your Pets Day – Teaching Safety To Our Kids

  Today is National Love Your Pets Day! The Patriarchs certainly love our dogs and cats, and reflect back on moments when we’ve taught our kids about “Do’s and Don’t’s” when dealing with the family pet and even a stranger’s pet.   Going to the Dogs ┬áby Jim Burrows I’ve […] Read more